5 Foods for

Healthy Eating on the Run

As a society, we are always on the go. Here in the United States, we tend to over schedule and under plan our weeks. Between work and play, we rarely slow down to enjoy preparing meals. When it comes to packing healthy snack alternatives, we often choose processed, sugar-laden treats.

Here is my list of 5 tips for eating healthy on the run. Take these and make them your own, adding your favorite foods.


1 Nut Butters. While it is true that some nut butters are more heart healthy than others, the protein contained in this option is dense and can curb the desire to snack on something less healthy. Think about purchasing peanut butter or almond butter slugs and keeping them stashed in your bag for easy snacking.

2 Fruit. Nothing is faster than peeling a banana while on the go. What I like to do is pre-wash my fruit (apples, pears, berries) and keeping them in either a zip-lock or small Tupperware container. I also include a damp paper towel to wipe my hands clean while on the go.

3 RX Bars. These are so great for quick snacking. They often have only 4-5 ingredients and are minimally processed. Dense, flavorful, and filling, RX bars are an easy alternative to granola bars or other less satisfying treats.

4 Hard Boiled Eggs. Yep, really. These will keep for a few hours out of the fridge without spoiling and are easy to peel. Keep them in a bag wrapped in a paper towel and crack them when ready to enjoy. I prefer to buy eggs from Vital Farms or the like as they are much more flavorful.

5 Meat Sticks. Trader Joe’s sells beef meat sticks that are shelf-stable and tasty. I find that snacking on protein keeps me satisfied much longer than fruit, unless I add nut butters. When your stomach isn’t empty, and your body is digesting proteins such as meat, cheese, eggs and nuts, chips and candy are much less appealing.

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